Stark contrasts between perception and reality in the two worlds at war within the Church are some of the most interesting studies in salvation history

These academic and social impact analysis studies, articles and news reports involve the study of Scriptural exegesis, Christian and secular history, international political science, astronomical/liturgical science, comparative religion, and a solid understanding of Judaism.

Examples are unfolding and happening right before our eyes Never before in the Catholic Church were so many Cardinals and Bishops on a permanent long term basis so diametrically opposed with each other on two sides of the ideological worlds – Look at in yesterday’s ten minute video news clippings from around the Bishophric orders

Look at from today’s Catholic journals amongst the academic class of professors calling for a truly “Catholic” renovation

More than uniquely interesting it’s a huge part of our prayer life both liturgical and private in more ways that’s than we care to admit

The war at the street level among the Faithful, orthodox and traditional is headed towards the right – conservative –reform – and being met with ultra liberal obstacles

Is ths isolated to the low levels or is there also a civil war at the highest levels preventing a movement to left as the current pontificate seeks “liberal” reform apparently oblivious to the current state of havoc and decimation that is existing at the street level with closed Parishes and others nearing the brink of their survival – Will liberal reform re-open Parishes and rescue those headed for closure by our own current wide spread direction or will it speed their closure – For all intents and purposes there is no evidence to lead us to believe that liberal reform will reverse the current crisis but only acerbate it and it’s twin sister the culture of death

Detailed chronology of what is going on inside the walls by the Vaicanistas of the day

What about from a Marian perspective is this Pontificate heading us in a different direction ?

Let us ask the time honored question Do we find support for the proposed Dogma of Mary Coredemptrix, Mediatrix of all Graces and Advocate in Scripture?

and have it answered by the experts here

Is the post conciliar environment a different Christological direction …..? We could keep going but at another time

Remember this is not pessimism It’s quite the opposite in affect from appearance as we are so uniquely blessed !

This is orthopraxic activism furthering us into the authenticity of what is the Word of God and what is The Body of Christ and to join together in intelligent dialogue, prayer, and uniting tradition Catholic family apostolates on a wider scale

This is the age where the lay faithful are called to stand in the gap of the waning Bishophric leadership in their widespread corruption of Catholic leadership

In this age the the laity are being called on to ” temporarily” perform the role of the Bishops

Ave Maria