The two Churches within the Church advances as the civil war in the Catholic Church continues to rage while main stream Catholic news broadcasts deafening silence

Bishop of Illinois US orders return of Tabernacles to the center of the Church/Altars

Cebu Philippines via the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines surrounded by mason infiltration of their governments make new public anti-traditional rubrics coming out of Cebu
All tabernacles of new Churches will be REMOVED from the Sanctuary and away from the main Altar – Tabernacle veils are to be abolished – The Reform of the Reform of the new Rite is to end …ect…..
His great eminence of the Philippines Archbishop Jose Palma suppressed from the list of Cardinals to be for the 3rd year in a row

What is at work is an ideology of two worlds but not many venture past the surface to investigate deep into those worlds what appears at first sight to be a surface argument

One Mass is a Sacrifice and propitiatory oblation for sin in a solemn re-offering of an unbloody Sacrifice
The other is a 50 year old ecumenical attempt at a Catholic reformation Mass that has brought with it “it’s sister” and she is a compromise with all things secular & profane

In Churches where there is still a High Altar it is most often desecrated with flowers or various types of unholy decoration rather than having them discretely placed on the tier above the High Altar where candles and decoratives belong

Is it random -mistaken a token of oversight ? done by people that just don’t know?
…It most certainly is not random…it’s really systematic and ideological
A peoples that have suddenly come to an ecclesial ruling power in only one and half generations that are suddenly convicted of a different type of Christology ordered towards the primacy of syncretism.

How do we know
The 2nd Altar, the table for the Sacred Meal of the last super becomes the High Altar – formerly secondary to the Sacrifice of the Victim to God the Father, the new Mass becomes a celebration of the resurrection where all new Churches replace the Crucifix at the center above the main Altar – which Jesus Christ has seemingly come down from no longer the High center of the Sanctuary, and replaced with the Resurrected Christ image

The Crucified Christ is thereby venerated secondary to the Risen Christ as if you could honestly have one without the former being the Primacy –

The low Altar is the no longer the low Altar as the Lectern of the Word becomes – “the Low Altar” to which the lay people ascend to as the Liturgical colors are draped over the lectern to match the table altar
The order of the day becomes prosperity –and healing Masses (even when the affliction is most often times sent by Divine Providence) the focus must switch to social class equality and the disposing of the remaining Catholic nobility and aristocracy primarily remaining in South American countries
and bring the seemingly oppressed into our new Catholic democracy

We are within one generation in the new Rite where you will see Dioceses seek permission to swap the lectern with the table Altar in position in the Sanctuary for certain – in the exact same trajectory that the architecture of Methodist worship followed over the years while the theology is evangelical Lutheran – the liturgy is low anglican/episcopalian and the name is Catholic and the new ideology is “the pursuit of utopian pan-ecumenism” We are seeing the west promote the eastern concept of married priesthood and the establishing of Eastern Catholic seminaries in the west for the sole purpose of altering the liturgical Christian philosophies of the west

In the new way the new priest will not permit facing down the Crucifix in his Mass – in the new way he must be in a semi-circle with the people to illustrate the elevation of the people and the lowering of the Priest.
In the new way the Priest must preside from among the people rather represent all three persons in word and action and become Christ “En persona Christie” at the pinnacle of the Canon of the Liturgy of the Body and the Blood speaking “in the person of Christ”
In the new way the cult of the Saints must begin to be suppressed – Outdoor procession of any Saints, other than the Blessed Mother, will become a rarity and only under special permission of the Bishop – veneration of relics will begin to be abolished – The march toward the Mother of God as a full share in the work of Christ by unified spiritual crucifixion and the march of hundreds of years immediate past toward the declaration of the dogma of the Mediatrix of All Graces halted and in need of their reversal
Outdoor Catholic protests of an organized nature suppressed or at least frowned on from having Dicastry elements attend (example ….The annual Roe vs. Wade anniversary march on Washington DC annually on January 22nd is now over a half million people by vast majority Catholic yet disgracefully there is no Cardinalate or Bishophric presence and little to no objection from their quarter on the 0.5% media coverage which has brought down secular attention to the vast stark contrasts of silence vs. the Faithful Orthopraxic reminiscent of previous centuries of Catholics. When you have this social dichotomy within the Church being studied and published on by secular outlets you know there are deep grooved revolts in play.

Are the majority of bishops and priests all worshiping in the inner altar rooms of masonic freemason temples ? No they are not – no- By majority they are not.
But have they by vast majority studied the same works ?– the same progressivism – and created networks of sympathy with the formerly “Catholic’ universities rife with the infiltrated “natural religion” that is only culturally Christian and seeing in the themselves the main method of world-wide cultural propagation of a unified pan utopianism – It is most clearly it is being witnessed everywhere

Progressivist ideology is quoted as saying repeatedly “If the Mass is the center of all things Catholic it is the Mass that everything must be changed from by starting from changing itself. The phoenix – the single eye in the pyramid – “

If you wonder how a Bishop in a random European diocese can get so worked up on the subject of enforcing a ban on the wearing of the Priestly Biretta during portions of the Mass and during processions and into banning Priestly Birettas (including different colored tassels of Monsignor)
to the point of threats of suspension from duties in his Diocese ….how…why ?!
It’s the leveling of the classes and the raising of the laity to the priesthood one degree at a time in the method of self-abolition that they wish to propagate the exemplification of and despite the smoke and mirrors definitions of the current Pontificate this ideology clearly has the support of the Papacy

I think what troubles us the most in Catholic research is have read or seen some form of official major condemnation of masonry and a deep description of how it’s ideology is opposed to authentic Catholicism issued from our Church’s magisterial authorities through many Pontificates just about every year or every other year for over two hundred years and then suddenly in the last fifty years there were maybe one or two brief statements on the subjects of Freemasonry and now there is silence. It’s disturbing to say the least Is the ecclesiastical levels that afraid of each other ?!

And then at the heart of it the denial that there is not a raging civil war underway in the Church – The pluralistic speakers from within our Church have moved from the cover-up of the previous scandal to this much bigger  one that will affect every person Christian and non Christian alike. Their hopes it seems is that their silence, amidst a largely uneducated populace, will contribute to it going away rather than a visible contribution to propaganda and a natural sociological undermining of authentic authority

When the FFIs attempted to start a worldwide grass roots movement of Marian Christology in order to evangelize to traditional Christianity and two of its theologians attempted to expose elements of masonry within the Church in position papers as a prevalent ideology they were met with the Avalanche that only our Church can bring – The same Avalanche that temporarily condemned and buried every great major Saint up to and including Padre Pio

On this Vigil day of the Epiphany let us echo the call for more wise men and a greater yearning for wisdom

Ave Maria,